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Funded as part of the E-Energy program by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi).



Vision of Future Energy Systems

The MeRegio project is aimed at an intelligent energy usage, increase in energy efficiency, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions based on three components: a coordinated E-Energy marketplace, an innovative energy-efficient infrastructure and an ICT infrastructure that links the energy infrastructure to the marketplace.

The core of the project is to provide technical and economic approaches to the realization of the three components and develop them in two pilot areas in Göppingen and Freiamt with about 1000 private and commercial participants. In addition, the KIT will develop a minimum-emission certification that will help creating awareness for the need to act in an energy-efficient way in both the population and (regional) politics and economy. Furthermore, certification will allow for regions to be compared with each other.

Among the participants in the model region there are on one side different end customers such as households and small and medium-sized organizations. On the other side different types of distributed power plants such as solar plants or cogeneration units are integrated in the pilot project. Moreover, increased automation gives participants the opportunity to trade at the energy marketplace and to take advantage of advanced services such as energy efficiency or energy management consulting.